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How high functioning depression kills.

The silent killer is moving its way through black women worldwide.

High functional depression is a sneaky killer among women because people assume you're doing fine, but when you explain how you feel to others, they don’t see you as someone who needs true help. They offer advice such as "maybe you need to go on holiday, take a break, go shopping or go to the spa".

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, because both your body and mind want you to stop pushing but you know once you do, it goes dark. You become a log floating in the ocean covered in fog. You cannot sink and you can't stop moving because there are too many things occupying your mind "I have too many things to do", this prevents me from diving head-first into full-scope depression. High-functioning depression can have the appearance of sadness or poor energy while nevertheless still allowing us to complete our tasks. The following thoughts regularly flow through my mind, "I can do this. I can exert effort to get through today. I've got bills to pay, I will fulfil my obligations". Shit is exhausting.

Then there's the societal pressure which contributes to a high factor among black women

and that is the pressure to be and do everything for everyone but ourselves. We have to be everything to everyone but ourselves. One thing I've learned over the years is to say no even if it's my detriment. When you know an event or experience is going to drain you sometimes it's ok to say 'no, thank you'.

The term "high-functioning depression" is not as well known as "depression" because most do not fully understand what it is and most importantly what the signs are.

There are tips to combat the feelings of sinking but it only makes a difference if applied, something we (I) all have a problem doing.

1. Speak to a therapist preferably a psychotherapist regularly. For me this one was pretty easy until I moved 6756 miles from mine with an eight-hour time difference, the time difference makes constant communication harder than usual.

2. Adding exercise to your daily routine. Now this is where I have to raise my hand I do not like exercising and I will make every excuse not to do it. I know the science behind exercising, and I know that it makes a difference to your body and mind, but I don't want to do it!

3. Reaching out to family and friends. This can be a bit tricky when you're an introvert like myself. I don't particularly appreciate talking to people about my problems or general chit-chat, but I can tell it makes a difference when I make the effort to do so. Making small steps such as; reducing screen time allows you to reach out and speak to those around you.

So what's next?

Knowing what you're going through and knowing that there are tasks you can practice to ensure you don't drown, helps a lot!

You have to understand that there is no cure just constant treatments to better ourselves so we can be better for those around us.

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