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I need wine and you need standards.

Where do I start?

I was at my desk, attempting to do work while listening to Lofi Brazil Radio on YouTube, which is a great playlist. I opened Twitter because why not? What do I see? @Oloni started a thread of women detailing their experience with how revolting cisgender straight men can be and the things they have put up with being with these men. 

Bile was forming in my throat.

I came across a lady explaining that her partner doesn't like cleaning between his cheeks in the shower because he thinks, and I quote, 'That's gay'. You see, I am confused. I always thought that being gay meant those of the same gender having romantic feelings and sleeping with each other, but you know, I am in my house, what do I know? But then it dawned on me—not to victimize, but how have you had sex, or why are you still having sex with someone when their cheeks smell like open sewers in the middle of summer? How are you able to perform sexually? How are you even able to receive or give pleasure when your senses are being attacked?

Women like men. I've never liked men enough to be uncomfortable in any sexual space. This firmly confirms to me that sexuality is indeed not a choice. Do you think I'd be attracted to men by choice? Have you seen women?

I don't understand how the average woman is willingly putting up with such vile behaviour when we know the opposite would not happen. Some men will have the audacity to complain that women's nail and toe polish do not match or they want you to make an effort when pursing them. Men complain and then present themselves with evidence of their meals in their crevices and an odour so intense it leaves a skunk embarrassed.


After reading that thread, I'm going to take a long bath then shower (because you need to clean the filth you've been lying in) and have a half bottle of wine. I seriously don’t have time to think about the sediments under men's nails and penis that some women keep in contact with and still stay in said relationships. The longer I am single, the more I'm convinced it's not worth it. Genuine question is being single such a bad thing?

What is the most you've ever put up with from a man, simply because you liked him?

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